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Founders of & Master Colorist/Stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons

With more than 40 years experience, Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi are legends in the hair care industry and their unrivaled expertise continues to define hair trends. Their vast knowledge of the industry comes from decades of work with major celebrities (such as Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba and Dakota and Elle Fanning), top magazines and notable fashion houses.

Joel is the master colorist and known for his ability to perfectly customize every client’s color using advanced techniques, many of which he has invented. A native New Yorker, he began styling in his early twenties, but eventually discovered his true calling: color. What sets Joel apart is his masterful eye for contrast, shadow and depth.

A musician at first, Edward began cutting hair as a part-time job. His career exploded as he began working with top fashion names like Vogue editor Polly Mellon, Liza Minelli and Yves Saint Laurent. From there he began putting his unique methods to work on the heads of famed designers and models. Often referred to as “Edward Scissor Hands,” Edward is legendary for his signature, dry-hair precision technique. His rapid-fire method of cutting has been compared to an artist sketching. Known for his ability to describe and reproduce centuries of hair fashion, he is perhaps the greatest hair historian of modern time.

In 1990, the stylist-colorist duo collaborated with business guru Roxana Pintilie. As a third and equal partner, Roxana is the driving force behind every facet of the business, from the salons to the products to the artists. Together, they opened the first salon in midtown Manhattan and went on to open the flagship Plaza Hotel location in 2008. Today they head an empire – with a well-established network of bustling salons across the country and a successful product line. Through a shared love of architecture and design, all eight salons are unique and designed to fit their geographic locations, each classic with a modern twist.

Joel and Edward’s collective expertise is bottled into their namesake product collection, Warren-Tricomi Haircare. Every formula accounts for both perspectives, resulting in products that address the needs of hair on every level – from the integrity of its color and texture to the state of its body and shine.

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