Expert Eyebrow and Makeup Artist
New York City


Luba is a highly skilled makeup artist who has built a successful career lasting more than thirty years. She embarked on her beauty industry journey in Bulgaria, her home country, and swiftly gained recognition for her distinctive and customized techniques in eyebrow shaping and makeup artistry. Luba’s exceptional talent made her highly sought after, and her work was prominently featured in various fashion magazines, solidifying her reputation as one of the industry’s most gifted artists.

In 2005, Luba moved to New York and began working at the Laura Geller makeup studio on the Upper East Side. Her skills and exceptional talent quickly gained her a solid clientele, and her work continued to be featured in many magazines, making her a sought-after name in the beauty world.

In 2014, Luba ventured out on her own and began her solo career as a makeup artist. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone can look their best with the right makeup, and she has a talent for creating a look that enhances her client’s natural beauty. Whether she’s working on a fashion shoot, a wedding, or a red carpet event, Luba’s unique touch and attention to detail always deliver a flawless result.

Luba’s impressive career and reputation in the industry are a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. Her passion for helping others look and feel their best is evident in every project she takes on, making her a true professional and an inspiration to fellow artists.