Expert Colorist
New York City


Renowned for her exceptional talent and unrivaled expertise, Marjeta is a distinguished hair stylist at High Smiles, boasting a notable career spanning over 15 years within esteemed salons in New York City. Her journey commenced in Italy, where she refined her skills and cultivated a discerning eye for delivering unparalleled service to her discerning clientele.

Marjeta’s specialized proficiency encompasses an array of techniques, including the artful application of balayage to achieve a natural allure, as well as the mastery of creating captivating blondes. Moreover, her adeptness extends to the creation of effortlessly chic beach waves, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and allure. What truly distinguishes Marjeta is her innate ability to not only execute breathtaking hair transformations, but also to curate bespoke and opulent experiences for her clients.

Through her consummate expertise, Marjeta has the exceptional capacity to accentuate the innate beauty of her clientele, leaving them radiating with confidence and allure. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to delivering superlative service have positioned her as a coveted stylist within the fiercely competitive realm of hairdressing.