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7 Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt from Our NYC Beauty Salon

Improve the health and quality of your hair with these simple habits.

While genetics play a key role in our natural hair type and health, other factors are totally in our control, like a proper hair care routine and diet. The challenge is our strands are constantly prone to damage, from dullness to breakage and everything in between! A few small tweaks to your routine can go a long way in improving the health and overall look of your hair! Find out how to properly take care of your mane with these healthy hair habits to adopt from our NYC beauty and hair salon.

1. Choose products with the right ingredients

As you pick out your hair products, narrow down your endless options by looking for strengthening ingredients designed to nourish your strands. Think of products incorporating things like coconut oil, Argan oil, and aloe.

2. Use the best brush for your hair type

Not all hair brushes are created equal – and which one is right for you depends on your hair type! Boar bristles are great for fine or thin hair to maximize volume and shine. For textured or curly hair, a synthetic fiber brush is flexible enough to help detangle without damaging the hair.

3. Brush your hair before you shower

Taking 30-60 seconds to quickly detangle your strands before you shower will keep them strong. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, so always brush knots out when it’s completely dry. Brushing dry hair also helps distribute the natural oils from your scalp down to the ends of your hair.

4. Avoid hot styling tools

While hot rollers and flat irons can create fantastic looks, try to keep the use of heat styling tools to a maximum of one or two times a week. The high temperatures of your favorite tools can weaken and damage your hair, resulting in split ends and dull, dry strands. A heat protectant spray can help prevent damage when you do need to use your tools.

5. Protect your hair from the sun

You’re probably used to taking extra steps to protect your skin from the sun, but did you know the sun can be just as damaging to your hair? In addition to fading color-treated hair, the sun can also dry locks, causing them to become brittle. Using a hat while spending time outdoors is an easy way to keep your locks safe from the harmful UV rays.

6. Don’t ignore your scalp

Healthy hair starts at your scalp. Dryness, itching, or any other scalp issues need to be addressed as soon as you experience them. There are many different soothing scalp-friendly shampoos and hair treatment products that can help.

7. Get regular haircuts at the salon

Regular visits to the salon to get your hair trimmed is essential, even if you are trying to grow it out. While this may seem counterintuitive, ends that are drying and splitting actually make it more difficult for your hair to continue to grow and reach the length you are looking for. A trim every six to eight weeks can keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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