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7 Tips for Your Perfect Winter NYC Bridal Look

Hair and makeup advice from our top-rated wedding salon in NYC.

The weather outside may be frightful, but winter weddings are anything but! The freshly fallen snow and end-of-year cheer can help build a dreamy, fantastical setting that’s perfect for a wedding. If you’re planning a winter ceremony, review the following tips from our top-rated wedding hair and makeup salon to find out how to perfect your winter NYC bridal look.

1. Prep your hair for the weather

During the winter, we all need to pay more attention to the health of our skin and hair. In the weeks before your bridal hair appointment, consider using a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate your hair and scalp. Nourishing your hair in the weeks before the wedding provides your stylist with the perfect canvas to craft your ideal wedding hairstyle.

2. Embrace a stunning updo

Updos like buns, top knots, chignons and more are a popular choice for winter weddings because they work well with both winter-appropriate bridal attire as well as the weather. Brides who will be wearing a shawl or fur coat can rest assured their hair isn’t going to get tangled in their accessories. Meanwhile, loose locks won’t last long in cold and windy weather. An updo can help combat static and stay in place all day long.

3. Focus on your skin regimen

Great makeup starts with beautiful skin, so working to improve hydration and health of the skin before your wedding is a fantastic tip, especially in the dry and moody winter weather. Invest in a good moisturizer that makes your skin type feel plump and hydrated. Chapstick or lip balm can prevent your lips from getting chapped and dry.

4. Consider makeup looks to complement the season

Winter light is more unforgiving, so consider opting for light-reflecting foundations and concealers that can keep your skin looking flawless. Softer skin can be complemented with a bold red or berry lipstick that stands out in the winter white scenery.

5. Opt for waterproof eye makeup

Chilly winds, cold air, and emotional family toasts can make you teary, which may mess up your stunning eye makeup! Make sure your stylist uses long-lasting waterproof mascara and liners to avoid runny makeup.

6. Schedule a bridal hair and makeup consultation

Warren Tricomi offers preliminary 15-minute bridal hair and makeup consultations to help brides talk through their options and what to expect before, during, and after their bridal appointment. Simply head to our website today or use our mobile app!

7. Choose Warren Tricomi as your winter bridal hair and makeup salon in NYC

When it comes to finding the right wedding hair and makeup salon in NYC, look no further than Warren Tricomi! We can accommodate in-salon, at-home, or on-site service on your actual wedding day, serving Midtown and the Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton, NY, and Greenwich, CT.

Learn what to expect when visiting a salon like Warren Tricomi on our blog, then book an appointment online today.

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