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July 7, 2022
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The Best Wedding Hairstyles for Your Type and Texture

Our NYC bridal hair salon is here to help you craft your perfect look.

When considering different hairstyles for your special day, it’s important to be realistic about what your hair can do – although you may be pleasantly surprised about just what’s possible with the help of our talented team of stylists! Finding a style that you love that also works well with your hair type and texture is key.

In this article, we’ll share a few styling ideas based on these factors. Want to be inspired even more? Review our recent blog on Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for NYC.

Long Hair

Long hair is certainly versatile and can lend itself to a variety of styles. Brides with length can choose from classic updos or styles that allow their hair to flow freely. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Loose Waves: A natural look that allows your locks to flow with a mild curl or wave. This style is always trendy and can be paired with a stunning crown or other headpiece to make your overall look really pop.
  • Half-Up/Half-Down: For those who prefer the best of both worlds, a half-up, half-down style can emphasize your natural beauty and charm. Hair near the face can be assembled in a braid or elegant twist.
  • Mermaid Braids: This romantic style is a favorite for a reason. It works styled either to the side or back, and extensions can help make the look even more voluminous as needed.

Short Hair

Many brides with short hair worry they won’t have as many styling options, but that’s simply not true. These brides can consider some fun and elegant styles, such as:

  • Straight Bob: This modern look simply highlights the beauty of your hair. The stylist can use ironing and brushing to add volume and depth to this look.
  • Classy Updo: A classic bun style can quickly become wedding day-worthy with the right stylist.
  • Braided Accent: This boho style looks natural and can be created by curling your hair but leaving the ends straight. A braid can add energy and playfulness to the look.

Fine Hair

Your stylist can deploy techniques that will make your fine hair appear thicker and fuller. Extensions and padding can also be used to give you the volume you want or need. Accessories are also a wonderful addition to these types of styles, drawing attention to your overall look!

If you’d prefer something with a little less effort, you can opt for a loosely waved, light and airy updo. This will suit your fine or thin hair well and add that elegance you’ve been looking for.

Natural Curls and Textured Hair

Curls and texture can make the most fabulous bridal looks when they are treated right! The correct products and styling tools are essential to enhancing the natural texture and volume of your hair. Our stylists can help you select a look that emphasizes this style and helps you stand out.

When it’s time to start planning for your special day, schedule an initial 15-minute bridal hair and makeup consultation online through our booking portal or the Warren Tricomi mobile app. We’ll help you discuss different options that work with your hair type and texture and talk you through the entire process. We can accommodate both in-salon and at-home or on-site service on your actual wedding day.

Want more inspiration? Visit our bridal page for exclusive access to this year’s Warren Tricomi Bridal Lookbook!

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