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We are the best balayage salon in Midtown NYC and beyond.

Balayage remains one of the most popularly requested services at our NYC hair salon, and for good reason. This subtle hair-highlighting technique can create a natural-looking and eye-catching color that lasts. Warren Tricomi has years of experience with balayage, and we are happy to help you craft your dream look at our East Hampton, Greenwich, or New York City locations. Learn more about this style below.

What is balayage?

Balayage is a French word, meaning “to sweep.” In this freehand hair color technique, color is painted onto the hair to create a more natural-looking highlight. Because the color is swept onto the surface of the hair, the effect is a natural sun-kissed glow. Balayage can be applied throughout the hair to give a lighter look everywhere, or it can be done partially, such as only around the face or upper area of the hair.

How does balayage differ from traditional highlights?

While both options will add a beautiful dimension to your hair, the techniques are different in their application and therefore the type of look they produce. Balayage creates a natural, sunlit dimension, whereas traditional foil highlights are more of a structured, tonal do.

A traditional foil highlight is created with aluminum foil wrapped around hair while the dye is painted on more precisely. The color is evenly saturated from root to tip, whereas in balayage, the lightening gets gradually denser as you move down so that the tips of the hair are lightest.

Learn more about the differences between balayage and highlights and which hair coloring technique may be right for you on our blog.

Balayage process

When you’re ready to come in for a balayage treatment, head to our website to book an appointment. Our appointments typically last around 2 hours from start to finish. During the appointment, your colorist will determine the right color blend to use based on your request and your natural hair color. The blend will then be painted on the surface of your hair strands and not saturated through the section until the very tips, achieving that gorgeous natural-looking color.

We also offer complimentary 15-minute virtual consultations, so you can learn more about the style and the coloring process before you schedule an in-person appointment at the salon. These informative sessions can also be scheduled online via our booking portal.

Taking care of your new look

Keep your new look healthy long after leaving the salon with a proper care routine. Balayage can last months without a touch-up needed as long as it’s properly cared for. A hair mask can help protect lightened blonde locks specifically, whereas a purple shampoo may be helpful to neutralize warm tones. We also recommend avoiding hair products with sulfate, reducing the frequency of hair washing, and limiting the use of heat tools such as curling irons. Warren Tricomi can answer any specific questions you may have about maintaining and protecting your color after visiting one of our hair salon locations. We can also recommend specific products that will help protect and lengthen the effects of this style on your hair.

Warren Tricomi is the best balayage salon in NYC, serving Midtown and the Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton, NY, and Greenwich, CT. Learn more about what to expect when visiting a salon like Warren Tricomi on our blog, then head to our website to book an appointment today. We look forward to serving you!

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