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This salon service can fix a color job gone wrong.

Changing up your hair color can be a fun, refreshing, and confidence-boosting endeavor, but it doesn’t always go as well as we can hope. If a bad color job has left your hair looking worse than ever, it’s time to fix it at the salon. An expert hair color salon like Warren Tricomi can help you restore hair through a service called color correction. Learn more about this service and all it entails in this blog.

What is color correction?

Color correction involves restoring damaged, colored hair back to your ideal tone and shade. That may be toning out unwanted brassiness, dying your hair darker, or lightening your hair even more to achieve the desired effect.

The process may involve bleaching, toner, and dye to lighten hair, pre-pigment it, and neutralize undesired tones. After reviewing your current hair, your stylist will develop a plan on how to accomplish this and how long it will take to do so.

When do you need color correction?

A bad experience at another salon or use of an at-home color kit can lead to disastrous results, making it necessary to visit a qualified hair color salon like Warren Tricomi to restore hair to its former glory.

Color correction may also be recommended by our stylists if you want to transition your hair from very light to dark or from very dark to much lighter. Please note it will likely take several appointments to achieve your desired color.

When can I come in for color correction?

When a color job goes wrong, you’ll likely want to go into damage control mode immediately! A professional stylist can help you determine how much damage has been done and when is the right time to take action. Minor damage may be able to be fixed immediately, while more intense damage may need multiple bleaching and toning sessions spread out over session weeks to get the color right.

How much does color correction cost?

Price will depend on the extensiveness of the correction needed to get your hair where you want it to be, and how many appointments it will take to do so. At Warren Tricomi salons, pricing for color correction typically starts at $600.

How long does color correction take?

The time needed to perform a color correction service will vary based on the current condition of your hair and the extensiveness of the request. If you are concerned about how long the process will take, speak with your Warren Tricomi color stylist during an initial 15-minute complimentary virtual consultation before your regular appointment.

Schedule an appointment for hair color correction at Warren Tricomi

Warren Tricomi is here to help you restore your hair to the hue and color you’ve been waiting for! Our New York City based salons serve Midtown and the Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton, NY and Greenwich, CT.

Learn more about what to expect when visiting a salon like Warren Tricomi on our blog, then schedule an appointment with our online booking portal today.

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