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Spring & Summer Wedding Hair & Makeup Dos & Don’ts

Plan for your special day with these bridal hair & makeup tips.

Deciding between the enormous variety of bridal hair and makeup styles can be an overwhelming part of planning a wedding. At Warren Tricomi, our one and only goal when working with soon-to-be-brides is to help them craft a wedding hair and makeup style that they love! If you are planning a spring or summer wedding in New York, these dos and don’ts can ensure you walk down the aisle with a look that feels perfectly “you.”

Do: Consider the heat

Spring and summer in New York are often warm and humid, so having a hairstyle that can withstand that extra moisture is key. Waterproof makeup is also an excellent choice, offering protection from the elements and ensuring you look fresh for the duration of the celebration.

Don’t: Forget your comfort

Before you go all out on an elaborate ‘do or extensive makeup session, make sure it’s something you’ll feel comfortable in for the entirety of the day. We recommend our clients first undergo a wedding hair and makeup trial session, so they can ensure they feel truly comfortable and happy with the look before committing fully to any one style.

Do: Choose a theme

Many brides will choose a theme to help them plan the various parts of the wedding, from the venue to the flower arrangements and so much more. This general anesthetic can also help you determine what bridal style is right for you. A beachside event may lend itself for casual, cascading waves, while a more formal “princess” celebration would make do with an elegant updo to match.

Don’t: Change your look right before your wedding day

We suggest that you don’t commit to any drastic change to your look within six months of your big day. Haircut and color jobs should be executed far ahead of time so you are sure you are happy with the result, and if not, know you will have time for your stylist to actually make adjustments before the wedding day.

Do: Think about your hair type and length

Your natural length and hair type don’t necessarily have to be limiting factors in choosing a certain hairstyle. Wigs and extensions can give you extra length or different texture options, but be warned that this will add to your hair budget and require more time for your wedding day appointment. If you are interested in going the extensions route, speak with your stylist to find the best option for you.

Don’t: Skip the consultative appointment

Warren Tricomi offers complimentary 15-minute bridal hair and makeup appointments to help soon-to-be-brides learn about the process and plan and prep for their wedding day look. These virtual consultations are absolutely essential for getting started, so we recommend trying to schedule yours as soon as possible.

Do: Continue to hydrate your skin and scalp

Healthy hair and skin go a long way in ensuring you look your best. Hydrated skin provides the best canvas possible for a smooth makeup application. Similarly, moisturizing your scalp and keeping your roots healthy can help make your style look even better come wedding day.

Bridal hair and makeup services in NYC with Warren Tricomi

Warren Tricomi is proud to be known as the best bridal hair and makeup salon in New York City, serving Midtown and the Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton, NY and Greenwich, CT.

Learn more about what to expect when visiting a salon like Warren Tricomi on our blog, then schedule a 15-minute complimentary bridal consultation on our online booking portal today.

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