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Learn how to find the right cut and style for your face shape.

The decision whether or not to get bangs is a big one! While bangs can instantly change up your look and highlight your best features, determining what style of bang to go with depends on your face shape and desired look. Learn more about how to find the right cut and style of bangs for you below!

Heavy fringe bangs

bangs 1

Photo: @hirohair

Best for: Long faces

This “classic” bang style works well for women with a long face shape. A heavy fringe that hits the eyebrows balances out the face length and suits long or shoulder-length hair.

Center-parted curtain bangs

bangs 2

Photo: @kid_cutit

Best for: Long faces

Curtain bangs are easy to style and soften your overall look. All you need to do to maintain the style is literally part your hair at the center and gently comb your bangs towards your temples.

Side-swept bangs

bangs 3

Photo: @mindykaling

Best for: Round and oval faces

This style is often the most popular, mainly because it’s super flattering on a few different face shapes. Round, long, and oval faces can all rock this look, which features softer hair around the edges and wider bangs in the cheeks.

Angled side bangs

bangs 4

Photo: @david.oshell

Best for: Long faces

Women with longer faces may wish to try angled side bangs. The angle helps focus people’s eyes on your center features (like your lips and eyes) versus your forehead. The deep sharpness of the angle makes this style different from side-swept bangs above.

Long, layered bangs

bangs 5

Photo: @gregcassese

Best for: Square faces

Best for square or oblong face shapes, a long, layered fringe can help balance out your features. They can also help thin hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Blunt micro bangs

bangs 6

Photo: @nealmhair

Best for: Round faces

Blunt bangs can work for round faces when they are short and leave ample space between the fringe and your brows. This distance can visually elongate the face.

Medium bangs

bangs 7

Photo: @romeufelipe

Best for: Oval faces

Medium bangs are a bit longer than micro styles, featuring hair that touches just above the brows. The style works especially well for curly hair types, since it plays up the texture of the hair.

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