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How to Have Silky Smooth Hair All Year Long

Protect and nourish your hair with these tips.

Gorgeous, hydrated, and healthy hair can sometimes feel unattainable, especially when you’re just styling your hair at home. While a salon treatment can help bring your hair back to a healthy, silky-smooth place, there are many things you can do throughout the day to nourish your hair and ensure it stays as healthy as possible. Keep reading for advice on protecting and nourishing your hair all year long!

1. Shower the right way

First, don’t overdo it. Washing your hair more than 3 times a week can strip your hair of its natural oils, making it appear dull and lifeless. When you do wash your hair, opt for both a shampoo and conditioner. Conditioning further nourishes and strengthens the hair. Lastly, consider washing your hair only in cool or cold water. The cooler water temperature helps seal in hair cuticles, encouraging your stands to stay flat and silky smooth.

2. Comb when wet, brush when dry

Detangling your hair can actually cause damage if you aren’t careful. Follow this mantra: use a comb when your hair is wet and a brush when your hair is dry. This can help protect your hair from the pulls and tugs of a not-so-gentle brush.

Invest in a wide-tooth wooden comb and boar bristle brush. The comb is gentle for detangling, whereas a boar bristle brush pulls oil from your roots down to the ends of your hair, keeping it well-nourished and protected.

3. Try an at-home hot oil massage

Once a week, try a hot oil massage. Oil massages provide natural oils that restore moisture and add that extra shine back to your hair. Other benefits include promoting healthy hair growth, repairing split ends, and preventing further damage.

4. Book regular hair treatment appointments

For times when it seems the damage is too extreme, Warren Tricomi’s hair treatment services are here to help. We offer seven different treatment options that are designed to restore and strengthen hair – even locks that have been damaged continuously over time by styling products or lack of TLC.

Learn more about our hair treatment services and how to book an appointment today on our blog.

5. Avoid hot styling tools

Hair damage is the antithesis of silky, smooth hair. Flat irons and hot rollers damage and weaken hair over time, resulting in split ends and dull, dry strands. Consider using these tools less, and when you do use them, use a heat protectant spray first.

6. Do an aloe mask

Aloe vera contains enzymes that encourage healthy hair growth. It also has a similar composition to keratin (the protein that’s the main building block of hair), allowing it to easily penetrate hair. To try it out, dilute a small amount of aloe in a cup of warm water. Comb it through your hair, let it sit for about 30 minutes, then rinse it out.

7. Sleep on satin

To avoid frizz and breakage, rest your head on a satin pillowcase instead of the usual cotton. It’s just another small change that can make a big difference for your hair health!

Healthy, silky hair is attainable with Warren Tricomi.

Warren Tricomi is the top hair salon in NYC, serving Midtown and the Upper East Side, as well as East Hampton, NY, and Greenwich, CT. For more advice on keeping your hair healthy all year long, refer to our blog!

Learn more about what to expect when visiting a salon like Warren Tricomi, then book an appointment online today.

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