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December 9, 2022
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7 Short Hair Coloring Ideas from Our NYC Salon

Our hair color salon can help you choose a style for your short locks.

Short hairdos offer a sexy, modern appeal that can be super flattering. To achieve an even more striking look, you may be interested in a color makeover. Hair color is one way to change up your style quite dramatically without cutting a single strand. In this article, we’ll share some of the best coloring ideas for women with short hair to try in 2023 and beyond.

Edgy lavender

short hair coloring trend 1

Credit: @lavrenova_olya

For a look that’s really out there, consider a fantasy color like lavender or pink. The color is eye-catching and also does a lot to add depth to your hair.


short hair coloring trend 2

Credit: @haircolorkilla

Balayage in short to medium-length hair works great, adding dimension and showing off the natural layers and texture of your hair. There are also many shades you can take this, from blonde to brunette to fantasy and everything in between.

Rusty brunette

short hair coloring trend 3

Credit: @wellahair

Brunette + red undertones is a match made in heaven. The little “rust” adds a pop of color that is truly magical for natural brunettes.

Blonde with shadow roots

short hair coloring trend 4

Credit: @rachelwstylist

Blonde highlights can add movement and definition to layered short hair, while shadow roots accentuate the cut.

Ashy blonde

short hair coloring trend 5

Credit: @samuelallen_hair

This color enhances your features and can create an illusion of volume and bounce that’s adorable and fun for both spring and fall!


short hair coloring trend 6

Credit: @beyonce

Who doesn’t want to look more like Beyoncé?!? Her signature look offers a stunning, rich honey tone that looks like it warmly faded over time.

Pastel Reverse Ombré

short hair coloring trend 7

Credit: @bescene

Ombré refers to a transition of color from dark to light, and a reverse ombré is the complete opposite: your roots start off light, then switch to darker tones. This color style looks even more dramatic in unconventional hues like lilac or blue.

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