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Why You Need To Have A Luxurious Haircut In NYC
March 14, 2022
Learn what to expect from Warren Tricomi, the best hair salon with locations in Midtown NYC, Upper East Side, East Hampton, and Greenwich, CT.
What to Expect from the Best Hair Salon in Midtown Manhattan
April 8, 2022

Why Curtain Bangs Are Going to Change the Way You Feel About Your Hairstyle

Curtain bangs are a good hairstyle for all face shapes.

Curtain bangs are cut shorter in the middle of your forehead and gradually get longer as the hair is blended into the sides. Most of the time, but not always, they feature a center part. They are a solid hairstyle choice for all face shapes and one of the top hairstyle trends of 2022. However, as with all hairstyles, whether curtain bangs will look good on you depends on the talent of your stylist. Be sure to find a stylist that can customize your bangs to perfectly fit your unique face shape, like one of the stylists at Warren Tricomi, one of NYC’s best hair salons.

Learn more about curtain bangs and how Warren Tricomi’s stylists can create a perfectly flattering look for you below.

A Solution for Many Hair Types & Lengths

Curtain bangs can work with both straight and wavy hair types, as well as with short, medium, and long hair. Feathered and messy looks can also be created using curtain bangs. If you have a larger forehead, curtain bangs can be a good way to keep it in the background. They are also great for accentuating strong and sexy cheekbones. Simply put, properly cut and styled curtain bangs will make your best features stand out.

Trust the Stylists at the Best Hair Salon in NYC

Curtain bangs may be great for just about everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can go out and have just anyone give them to you. It takes an experienced and skilled hairstylist to perfectly combine the bangs with your face shape and hair type for a great look. So if you live in the greater NYC area and want perfect curtain bangs, turn to the salon whose name has been synonymous with luxury haircuts for over 50 years: Warren Tricomi.

Warren Tricomi has plenty of talented stylists as well as four convenient locations. Find us in the heart of NYC; in East Hampton, NY; and in Greenwich, CT. We epitomize the luxury hair salon, as we’re one of the finest in the world. Not only will we have your hair looking great all year long, but we’ll also pamper you and keep you comfortable throughout your appointment for a complete luxury salon experience. As one of the top hair salons in NYC, we keep up with industry trends and fashions so we can help our clients look their best and feel their most confident.

If you’re unsure of where to go next with your hair, let us help. From stylish curtain bangs to virtual hair color consultations, we do it all. Call us to schedule an appointment today, or do so through our website.


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